CIM '78

The Yearbook

The Yearbook

35th year - Coral Anniversary 

U.S.A. Celebration - Grand Ball

July 13, 2013
Westin St. Francis at Union Square
San Francisco, CA

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CIM '78 Attendees:

 1. Jose Bacaltos, M.D.
 2. Oscar Bentinganan, M.D.
 3. Carmelita Bringas-Militar, M.D.
 4. Ramon Carampatan, M.D.
 5. Luz Crystal, M.D.
 6. Nonah Daroy-Anselmo, M.D.
 7. Frine Escalona-Roca, M.D.
 8. Rolyna Lao-La Rosa, M.D.
 9. Edwin La Rosa, M.D.
10. Edmund Lozada, M.D.
11. Prometheus Luza, M.D.
12. Aurora Mellijor-Soliguen, M.D.
13. Epifanio Militar, M.D.
14. Esperanza Relampagos-Batulanon, M.D.
15. Teresita Sargadilos-Enad, M.D.
16. Max Soliguen, M.D.
17. Helen Yap, M.D.

ASOCIMAI honored the Jubilarians during the Grand Ball - 25 years (Silver), 30 years (Pearl), 35 years (Coral or Jade), 40 years (Ruby), 45 years (Sapphire), and 50 years (Gold).

Our class of 1978 was the biggest group among the Jubilarians with 17 attendees and it was heartwarming that Helen Yap was able to come all the way from the Philippines to attend our Coral Anniversary. Most of those based in Southern California were there - Max & Au-Au, Tess & her husband Steve, Nonah and her husband Edgar, Promy, and Joe. Oscar with his wife, Shirley and daughter, Carla, came from Florida, and he brought along his sister Norma from California, Nonoy & Milet with their daughter Julia from New York, Luz with husband Ernie Tancinco shortened their trip to the Philippines and landed in San Francisco to attend the event before going back to Alabama, Frine and her husband Gerry from Alabama, Edmund and his wife Tess from Illinois, and Espie and her husband Rene from Texas.

We presented our Silver Jubilee Hymn, Coming Home, during the Grand Ball and it was satisfying to hear the reactions of the audience. Many praised the performance but there were at least two reactions that we did not expect. One was from a graduate from another medical school and wife of a CIM alumnus who told us that she was close to tears because the lyrics and the melody  filled her with nostalgia. She brought home a copy of the song with her. The other reaction was more melancholic because she was from Florida and a close friend of Fatima 'Babette' Regencia-Dompor and she told us that she teared up because she remembered Babette by just looking at her classmates and that she would have been there singing had she not passed away last December 2012.

Before the presentation, the audience's interest perked up because we announced that we are going to sing an original song composed primarily for our Silver Jubilee and that the lyrics were written by our own classmate, Henry Yu, which prompted some to comment that they did not know that our class has lots of talents. The room was so quiet that we did not have any problem with our volume. They were reading copies of the lyrics that we put on the tables and with enough practice the day before which started from 4 in the afternoon till 11 at night, the performance was the greatest for the night.

For this we thank all of our classmates and their spouses who participated, the guitarist, Nonoy Militar, Julia Militar at the keyboard, Jun Alcantara with the saxophone and flute, Frine who conducted, Milet & Nonoy who printed the copies of the lyrics (all 300 of them), Michael La Rosa and Carla Bentinganan who carried the banner, Frine and Nonah, who helped Ayen call our classmates.

Thanks to everybody and we are looking forward to our 40th year. Venue-The Philippines?

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Luz with husband Ernie Tancinco
Frine with husband Gerry Roca
Tess & Au-Au
Luz going the wrong way?
Max, Au-Au, Tess, Espie
Ramon, Edmund, Tess (Edmund's wife), Helen, Nonah, Ayen, Edwin
Helen in Angelina Jolie pose
Ayen, Tess, Au-Au, Helen, Nonah, Milet, Luz, Espie, Frine
Gerry, Promy, Edmund, & Ramon
Front: Promy, Edmund, Oscar, Joe, Rene (husband of Espie), Ramon, Edwin, Edgar (husband of Nonah) Back: Gerry (husband of Frine) Nonoy, Milet, Espie, Tess, Nonah, Ayen, Frine, Helen, Luz, Shirley(wife of Oscar), Tess(wife of Edmund), Au-Au, Max, Steve (husband of Tess)
Tess, Au-Au, Luz, Milet, Ayen, Shirley (wife of Oscar, Nonah, Espie, Tess (wife of Edmund), Helen, Frine
Shirley (Oscar's wife) & Ayen
Espie & Luz
Ayen, Edwin, Edgar Anselmo(Nonah's husband), Tess, Steve Enad (Tess' husband),
Steve, Gerry Roca(Frine's husband), Edgar, Oscar, Promy, Edmund, Ramon, Joe, Edwin
Steve, Gerry, Edgar, Oscar, Ernie Tancinco (Luz's husband), Promy, Nonoy, Edmund, Ramon, Joe
Max, Joe, Oscar, Edmund, Rene (Espie's husband), Nonoy, Edmund, Edwin, Promy
Helen with 30th year Jubilarians Bradford & Ailyn Tan, Josephine
Tess, Ernie, Luz, Helen, Frine, Tess, Ayen, Milet, Nonoy, Au-Au, Max
Ayen, Tess, Au-Au, Luz, Nonah, Milet, Espie, Helen, Frine
with Dr. Mila Chan, Golden Jubilarian
Ayen, Tess, & Au-Au with Gloria Lao
Wih Drs. Vivian & Edward Suico, former Biochem teachers of our class
Butch Tandinco, CIM '72
Nonoy & Milet with daughter Julia
Grand Ball
Class of 1978 presented
Ernie, Luz, Norma(Oscar's sister), Ayen, Edwin, Michael, Oscar, Jun Alcantara, Carla, Shirley
Ayen, Michael, Jun, Carla, Shirley, Oscar, Luz
Edgar, Espie, Rene, Frine, Gerry, Tess, Au-Au
Ramon, Edmund, Joe, Tess, Milet, Nonoy, Julia, Promy
Max & Au-Au
Espie with husband Rene Batulanon
Nonah with husband Edgar Anselmo
Tess with husband Steve Enad
Frine with husband Gerry Roca
Frine, Josephine, Ayen
Au-Au & Max with Au's brother, Dr. Alfonso Mellijor and wife
Nonah & Rene Batulanon (husband of Espie)
Au-Au's turn
Rene's the DI of the night
Sulit ang practice kahapon
At last Espie got her husband again!
Rene ran out of ladies to dance with
cold night. way hangin makaagi.
Ayen with son Michael
with Jun Alcantara
Preparing to sing 'Coming Home'
Frine conducting, Nonoy with guitar
Here's our song
Finished, ready to bow
All the Jubilarians, Golden Jubilarians sitting
with Dr. Evelyn Villamor, our former teacher
with Dr. Mila Chan, Golden Jubilarian
2 Cinderellas losing their shoes before midnight
Gotta wash your feet before going to bed
Hala bira, Mon!