CIM '78

The Yearbook

The Yearbook

The Question

What if you threw a party and nobody came?

All the preparation and attention to detail will be all for naught.

We recognize and appreciate the herculean effort of the core group of organizers in Cebu for the success of our Ruby Anniversary Reunion. To plan four days of activities and be successful requires an indefatigable zeal for work and a keen eye for the progression of events that you want to transpire. Every scenario had to played in the mind to achieve perfection and avoid mishaps. Not even the humblest pebble will be left unturned. The organizers followed these guidelines and we witnessed the irrefutable success of our Ruby Reunion.

To the Cebu Core group, Dr. Joe Rodriguez, Dr. Wyben Briones, Dr. Helen Yap, Dr. Cleta Noval-Rosell, Dr. Pedro Rosell, Dr. Ellen Alegrado-Chavez, Dr. Wilma Abellana-Ty, Dr. Nimrod Parra, Dr. Elsa Basubas, Dr. Lourdes Picornell-Narcise, and Dr. Myrna Bacus, we take our hats off to you for an excellent job. And lots of love from us.

Going back to the question, what if you threw a party and nobody came?

Fellow classmates of yore, you also contributed a lot to the success of our reunion by your presence.

Some of you were persuaded, cajoled, and enticed but were never forced to attend our reunion and you finally came. As Bill Bonner said, “The relationships among people is not the same as the relationship between a hammer and a nail. You can beat people, too. But it’s hard to drive them straight where you want them to go.” So, in the U.S., Dr. Ayen Lao-La Rosa was instrumental in calling and persuading, not beating, those who were on the fence about going to the reunion.

Even those who were not able to make an appearance for medical or for other reasons, but were willing to attend, contributed to the hype and the gathering momentum that propelled our classmates to be present. Some even donated financially and Dr. Celan Alo designed our logo.

The heavy lifting to make the reunion a success was done by the Cebu core group but everybody deserves a pat on the back for the success of our Ruby Reunion by coming to the party. 

Cheers to everybody!

Edwin O. La Rosa, M.D.