The Yearbook

The Yearbook
View of Las Vegas from the ARIA Penthouse

Las Vegas Reunion 2011

On May 20-21, 2011, we had a reunion in Las Vegas. Friday, the 20th, we gathered at the The Cliffs at Peace Canyon and on Saturday, the 21st, we were at a penthouse suite at the ARIA. The reunion at the ARIA was hosted by Dante Pepito and his wife Emily. Some members of Class '77 and '79 joined us.

It was amusing to observe that some classmates were not recognized by the other classmates. Time have changed us, but it is fortunate to say that all have aged gracefully, especially the ladies.

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Leni Gimenez-Mercado, Ayen, Nonah Daroy-Anselmo, Cecille Clavano-de Asis, Nanette Raffinan-Erguerro. Back: Boyco Chatto, Dante Pepito, Edwin, Johnny Tiu, Promy Luza- The ARIA
Au-Au Mellijor-Soliguen, Chic Ezpeleta, Max Soliguen. Back: Ayen and Lyn(wife of Chic) -The Cliffs
Rosal(wife of Edgar Escasinas), Bing(wife of Danny Nakalaban), Nonah Daroy-Anselmo, Leni Gimenez-Mercado - The ARIA
Boyco Chatto, Chuck(son of Chic Ezpeleta), Lingling Sy, Johnny Tiu
Dante with 77s Milo Resaba, Ruben Guinocor, Danny Nakalaban - The ARIA
Allan, Albert, Lingling, Johnny, Edgar
Toothpaste commercial? Esoy Villanueva, Max Soliguen, Manolito Sy
Max volunteers.
Kanindot sa pahiyom ni Chic ug ni Au-au.
Cecille, Nanette, Ayen with Arlene, wife of Johnny - The ARIA
Esoy, Cecille, Nonah, Nanette, Lingling, Johnny
Lingling(Manolito Sy) telling a ghost story to Promy Luza?
Promy Luza, Johnny Tiu, Dante Pepito. Front: Ayen Lao-La Rosa, Arlene(wife of Johnny Tiu), Nanette Raffinan-Erguerro, Cecille Clavano-de Asis.- ARIA
Johnny Tiu, Esoy Villanueva, Ayen, Lingling Sy, Edwin - The Cliffs
Lyn(wife of Chic Ezpeleta), Cecille Clavano-de Asis, Nanette Raffinan-Erguerro, Nonah Daroy-Anselmo, Ayen, Emily(wife of Dante Pepito). Back: Johnny Tiu, Dante Pepito, Promy Luza, Lingling Sy, Edwin, Chic Ezpeleta, Allan Mercado(husband of Leni Gimenez-Mercado), Leni Gimenez-Mercado, Boyco Chatto- The ARIA
Cecille Clavano-de Asis, Ayen, Johnny Tiu, Lingling Sy, Edgar Escasinas 77, Allan Mercado(husband of Leni), Milo Resaba 77, Ruben Guinocor 77, Albert Butalid 79- The ARIA
Allan, Emily, Nonah, Chuck, Leni, and a headlight.
Susan(guest), Terry(guest), Nonah Daroy-Anselmo, Leni Gimenez-Mercado, Cecille Clavano-de Asis, Nanette Raffinan-Erguerro, Ayen. Back: Chi(guest), Allan(husband of Leni Gimenez-Mercado), Lyn(wife of Chic Ezpeleta), George(guest), Jim(guest), Emily(wife of Dante Pepito), Dante Pepito, Promy Luza, Lingling Sy, Boyco Chatto, Chic Ezpeleta, Edwin, Johnny Tiu
Antog ni Esoy.
Natuk-an tingali si Cecille.
It is Jim, not George Kwitka
George, Terry, Susan